About Craig A. Ruark

Craig_SFLife as a sailor is either very slow and laid back or exhilarating, depending on the wind and the sea. But the one thing that sailors always do is observe.

This is a blog about my observations of life and various random thoughts. You may find some posts witty and humorous, and some to be downright boring, non-the-less they are me and I am them.

My name is Craig A. Ruark. I have always used my middle initial for no other reason than to distinguish myself from the masses. I am a thinker and observer of life with a passion for sailing, music, creative writing, and fitness.

My life was fairly normal until November 26th of 2014, when I was laid off from my work and the judge approved a divorce requested by my wife.  I am now starting with a new beginning, new attitude, and what looking forward to what comes next.

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